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Children wait outside Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, after the shooting.Yes, the story dominating yesterday's and today's news is tragic and very sad: 'Why? Why?': 26 dead in elementary school massacre

Yes, I feel very sad for all the families who lost loved ones.  Yes, I feel sad for so many lives cut short, including the life of the gunman. Yes, I think some of the images coming from the day are going to become as iconic in their own way as some of the photos of 9...

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Enlightened thinking is useless if our actions aren't aligned with our thoughts.

Thinking is the key, and our actions are the lock. We can unlock the door to what we want if we have both a key and a lock to put it in.

Enlightened action must accompany enlightened thought.

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As humans, we evolved to live our lives focused on the question:

What's wrong, right now?

In every moment, we look at each aspect of our life and ask "What's wrong, right now?"

This question evolved as a safely issue, because things that are "right" in our lives aren't potentially dangerous.  Back in caveman days, focusing on this question was a necessarily survival mechanism, because they were continually  surrounded by physical danger. 

But for most people in today's America, which is one of the safest cultures in the safest time in human history, continuous focus on "What's wrong, right now?" proves tremendously detrimental.  People concentrate on the imagined dangers and potential wrongs in their life, and only occasionally (if ever) notice all the good and beautiful in their lives.

In today's world, for those of us who want to progress in our spiritual...

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For most of us, there comes a time in our lives when we want to change everything.  Our house, our finances, our health, our relationships, everything! And we want to change them all right now!

   Being good little goal-setters, we set goals for each of these areas.  And they're great goals, measurable, achievable, and we have control over them.  We know they are excellent goals and we're all excited for a couple days.

   Then reality strikes.  And we discover that we can't change everything at once, because it's just too much.  Too much change, too much chaos, too much brain rewiring.

   So, let's go back to step one and let's lay down some ground rules.


#1 - People can handle only so much change at one time.

Granted, the amount of change a person can handle varies from person to person, but each person has their limits...

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